Monday, March 29, 2004

What *is* that thing?!

And now for a short Alex story...

Recently, Alex has had an ear infection/runny nose/fever combo, which I'm told is very common in kids aged 6 months to 18 years. We spent our weekend chasing Alex's dripping nose all over the living room before he could swipe it with his hand then touch us, the dogs, the rug, the stairs, his mouth, etc. (EW!). We also endured "Baby Darth Vader" over the baby monitor each night, as Alex struggled to breathe through his congested nasal passages. So, this morning, we unsuspectingly thought the worst was over.

I was downstairs gobbling down my toast, when I heard, "Hey Caroline, c'mere" from my loving husband. Somehow the way he said it made me suspicious. He has the same tone when he has discovered a diaper explosion and wants some back-up. I grudgingly meandered up the stairs, wondering what awaited me. Randy came out of Alex's room with a "you gotta see this" look on his face. "Hey, the other morning, when you said he woke up with snot on his face....did it look like *this*?", he said. "Oh, okay", I thought. "It's safe...he just wants a snot biggie". I walked into my darling child's room and found him, still sleeping, with a GIANT, BROWN, CRUSTED GROWTH below his nose...spanning from both nostrils down onto his upper lip. "EW!", we both screamed. "Ew!"..."EW!"...What *is* that thing? I had visions of the movie "Alien", when the mama alien attaches itself to the guy's face to lay her eggs.

I couldn't stick around for the "extraction"...I just couldn't watch. I high-tailed it outta there and went to work. Randy said it took several wet washclothes to remove the "alien snot creature" from Alex's face.

Ew! Did I say, "Ew!" yet? EEW!


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