Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Is Alex's Mom an Ebay Maven?

Am I an Ebay Maven? I was labeled this (I hope lovingly) by a good friend of mine, after suggesting to her to buy her expensive Lancome makeup on eBay. I've been buying my unique potpourri of moisturizers, makeup, hair products and sunless tanning cream from eBay for almost a year now, and just thought I was making an obvious suggestion. Then, as I started thinking of the eBay purchases I've made over the past several years, I started wondering if maybe I have a larger problem than I thought... 

Strange things I've bought from Ebay? Hmmm...please define strange. Is it strange to buy your dog's flea and tick prevention serum from Ebay? I don't think saves me about 20 bucks every 3 months.  My dogs haven't lost any fur nor appendages yet, so it must be working, right?

What about razor refills? I remember buying an entire case of 5-pack Sensor refills (that's 60 razors for those mathematically-challenged folks), for about $30. Not a bad deal, I think.  Sure there's a tiny bit of rust on some of them, so I'm a little wary about their age (do razors have born-on dates?  should they?), but no major lacerations of shins or knees have occurred yet, so all is well.  I also haven't lost fur nor appendages, for the record. 

Let's about shoes?  I bought a pair of supposedly $90 shoes for $15.  While I'm skeptical about the stated "retail value", this purchase turned out better than expected, as the shoes actually fit and looked decent.  Cinderella would have been proud.

And...dishes.  I have a set of cheapo-but-cool plates that I bought years ago from JC Penney.  I found out that they don't carry them anymore and I was bummed.  Then one day the Ebay lightbulb came on and I checked for them.  There they were on Ebay, just waiting for me!  I'm now ready for dinner for 12, should that occasion every arise.  Hopefully it won't, as my table only seats 6.

My darling husband is currently pricing poker chips on Ebay.  Just last night he proclaimed "Look honey, only $78 for a set of 650 chips!"  My response:  "Okay, more watching Celebrity Poker Showdown on Bravo!"  Of course, the alternative is for him to watch Queer Eye and then our credit card bill goes through the roof!  "But Carson says stripes are IN now and solids are OUT...I had to buy new shirts!".  But I digress...

What's interesting (and a bit scary) is that Ebay does not let you SEE your purchase history.  Well, to be fair, they let you see about 2 months' worth, then they go into the Ebay Twilight Zone, never to be seen again.   What's going on here?  Are they afraid that folks will see all the crap that they've bought, calculate how much hard-earned money they've wasted and quit bidding?  I've got news for them...Fat Chance!  Once you have Ebayed, there's no going back.  It's sort of an addiction.  What CAN'T I find on Ebay that I need to buy?

..and therein lies my problem.  I'm a sucker for a great deal.  And I'm the curious sort that just needs to know if someone actually sells panti-liners on Ebay.   By the way, the answer is "yes"- last bid was $1.99 for 135 "Jumbo Pak".  If you act now, you can probably get a bid in.


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